2022 Community Annual Assessment Presentation Schedule, Template and Sign-up

The following regions and communities have been selected to give a Community Assessment Presentation in 2022:

Region 3: Avondale Estates, Canton, College Park, Douglasville, Fayetteville, Hampton, Hapeville, Holly Springs, Jonesboro Lawrenceville, Locust Grove, McDonough, Stockbridge, Stone Mountain, Suwanee,

Region 4: Villa Rica, Carrollton, Bowdon, Griffin, LaGrange,

(GEMS communities will be contacted directly regarding the 2022 accreditation process)

*If your community is not included in this list above this means you will not meet face to face with ODD staff for a presentation. For those communities that will not be presenting you will complete the 2022 Annual Assessment Check List and Affidavit with Requirements.

Meeting Locations: (address and dates are forthcoming)

To reserve your space at the location and date of your choice, please visit us
online at: This form will be available October 1st. 

Each community will have two hours to meet with the Office of Downtown Development staff. During this time the local program manager will provide ODD staff with an overview of their local program, using the provided PowerPoint presentation template.  The information provided should be on events and programmatic accomplishments that occurred in 2017 – 20120. Presentations should last no longer than one hour. After the presentation, ODD staff will walk through the elements of each community’s annual assessment document with the community representatives present, in order to gain a better understanding of their current Main Street program’s standing. Communities will leave knowing their designation status for 2021 as well as any recommendations for the program moving forward.

Example Presentations from previous years are available for you below. You will notice that they are full of pictures illustrating both projects and the points they are trying to make. You can choose to use pictures over text to illustrate your point and to cover the topics outlined in the Presentation Template, but make sure you don’t miss any of the items we ask you to cover.

Acworth:  (Click on images below to view examples of past presentations)                                                                             










Communities are required to have at least 2 representatives from their program present, with one person being the Main Street Manager and the second being a board member, supervisor or elected officials. Programs that wish to bring additional participants are welcome to do so, but are asked to keep the maximum number of participants to 3 people total, due to Covid-19.