2022 Annual Assessment Check List and Affidavit (for non-presenting communities)

The 2022 annual assessment will be based on projects and accomplishments made throughout the 2021 calendar year. Communities that are designated as Affiliate or Classic Main Street cities and not in Region’s 3 or 4, will be required to submit the Annual Assessment Check List and Affidavit.

These documents include:

  • A signed copy of the Annual Assessment Checklist and Affidavit (Annual Assessment folder)
  • Map of Main Street program’s district boundaries (Annual Assessment folder)
  • Main Street program’s organizational chart (Annual Assessment Folder)
  • Mission and vision statement (Standard #2 folder)
  • Annual work plan (using DCA template, Standard #3 folder)
  • All board meeting agenda and minutes (Standard #5 folder)
  • Copy of the 2020/2021 MOU (Standard #5 folder)
  • Board roster (using DCA template, Standard #5 folder)
  • Main Street program bylaws (Standard #5 folder)
  • Annual budget, showing program revenue/expenses and monthly financial statements (Standard #6 folder)
  • Main Street Manager job description (Standard #7 folder)
  • Main Street Support Staff job descriptions (Standard #7 folder)
  • Training log and completion certificates for manager, staff and board members (Standard #8 folder)
  • All completed and submitted monthly Community Activity Reports (it is optional to place copies in Standard #9 folder)
  • A copy of the Main Street program’s membership with the National Main Street Center. (Standard #10 folder)

All the documents outlined above should be uploaded directly to your program’s 2021 (shared) Dropbox folder and filed under the specific folders as identified above. If you do not currently have access to your program’s shared Dropbox folder please reach out to Elizabeth Elliott at elizabeth.elliott@dca.ga.gov and we will work to get you connected.