Current Annual Standards for Accreditation (required)

This document contains the current 2019 Annual Standards for Accreditation, for communities that will be meeting one on one with the Office of Downtown Development staff in the Spring of 2020. This document is relevant to Georgia communities at the Classic Main Street and GEMS designation level. The Annual Standards for Accreditation breaks down the National Main Street Center’s 10 Standards for accreditation in to a multi-paged document that emphasizes the minimum requirements that need to be met in order to receive the Main Street America designation.

The purpose of the Georgia Main Street Program’s annual year-end assessment is to recognize program accomplishments made in 2019, to address and discuss additional downtown revitalization issues, and to eliminate barriers to achieving work plan goals and activities. This assessment is not meant to be a qualitative ranking to compare your community’s 2018 downtown revitalization and management activities with other programs, but should be used as a way to evaluate the success of your local program and the greater role that it plays in your community’s development.

Main Street communities vary considerably in the scope and type of downtown revitalization activities the Main Street program decides to undertake; therefore, comparison between communities is impossible. Instead, this evaluation examines the effectiveness of the local Main Street program within its own context and circumstances, and recommends a level of activity the organization and community is prepared to undertake in the coming year that is appropriate to accomplish your overall goals and objectives. During this year-end assessment, information might be collected from several sources, including input from municipal partners, on-site interviews with the board, committee members and staff. This information will be integrated into recommendations organized within the context of the criteria needed to meet the 10 National Standards for Accreditation. The National Main Street Center’s Accreditation Process evaluates local Main Street programs according to 10 performance standards and provides national recognition to those that meet these standards. The standards, developed by the National Main Street Center (NMSC), in cooperation with the Georgia Main Street coordinating program, provide benchmarks and guidelines on how a Main Street revitalization program should optimally function, and serves as an incentive for programs to operate more effectively. Your compliance with the Memorandum of Understanding between the local program and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs is closely monitored during the evaluation process.