Main Street 101 has been re-imagined as a completely online, interactive experience designed to walk you through the Main Street 4- Point Approach from start to finish. Utilizing Prezi, a presentation software that uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to relay information, this interactive guide was developed by the Georgia Main Street Program Staff and is a complimentary resource available to all Georgia cities. Here the fundamentals of the Main Street program have been broken down here in to a four part series providing you the viewer with videos, links and visual resources, to help you better retain the information presented. We understand that Prezi is not a platform that is familiar to everyone, for a quick demonstration on how to use Prezi please click here.


Interactive Guide and Certification

Benefits of Becoming Certified

All new Main Street Managers and Board Members are required to become Main Street 101 certified within the first 12 months of taking their position. This certification is provided online through the link below. The cost to become Main Street 101 certified is $75. Once you have completed your exam and received a passing score you will be given a copy of your completion certificate which can be downloaded or printed out. Please provide a copy of this document to your local Main Street Manager so they may upload a copy of this certification to Dropbox as part of the annual assessment process.